Eco Intelligence, Next Chapter

The depletion of fossil fuels, environmental change, and the demand for clean energy are causing the transformation of energy generation and distribution system, to shift towards the consumption side. Electricity generation sources and distribution systems are drifting to renewable sources, and from centralized infrastructures to decentralized models.

New technologies nurture the concept of transformation of energy firms, all the way from energy production to electricity consumption. Smart grid systems are one of the disruptive and emerging technologies that might influence the entire electricity system. It’s a fully automated power delivery network that monitors and controls every node, ensuring a two-way flow of electricity and information.

AI is at the heart of the smart grid, enabling it to gain intuition by analyzing the massive flow of data and acting upon them. We’re about to embrace an inevitable technological overhaul in the way energy is generated and consumed, in the following years to come with an unprecedented financial, ecological, and technical rationale for its emergence.

Ecovitas tackles some of the major assertions of the smart grid thru smart exploitation of distributed power reservoirs and intelligent management of the whole network as an integrated corpus. It helps to realize some of the most salient promises and objectives of the smart grid. Soon, the smart grid could change the face of the planet, and with Ecovitas, the future is already here.

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EAPIX core interaction

  • EAPIX platform makes cheap and clean energy ubiquitous and abundantly available thru data analytics, deep learning and smart control of the energy flow as a dynamically valued commodity along with the flow of credits via conducting on-platform transactions in order to maximize users and all other stakeholders profit, drive users engagement and above all optimize for grid objectives.
  • EAPIX conducts automatically authored and administered energy trade between distributed supply side who aims for arbitrage and distributed demand side who aims for cheaper energy, across time and location. Each user can be either producer, consumer or prosumer (having both roles).

EAPIX approach

  • EAPIX reduces the energy consumer price. It also compensates users compliance with the platform guidelines and their contributions to core objectives. These are the basic incentives in joining the platform, basically as consumer, and shaping the platforms demand side with the initial prospect of covering the payback for equipment/services in few years, off of the gained profit and saving on the utility bills afterwards (and that’s without any extra equipment installed, such as solar panels, wind turbines, batteries,…). It’s not a matchmaker similar to other major platforms, it facilitates smart trading.
  • On the supply side, it assists in shaping automatically maintained businesses around clean energy retail on various scales, owned by the users in size of their choice and conducted by the system, ensuring overall profitability with respect to others and main system objectives. The system maintains a controlled profit margin that justifies participation on both demand and supply sides, ensuing higher penetration rate and in turns greater network effect which yields more generated value in an ongoing cycle.

EAPIX project

EAPIX is essentially a business platform for automatically authored and administered energy trade between producers or prosumers owning distributed generators (such as Photo Voltaic, Wind or Micro Turbine) and distributed energy storage systems on one hand and other electricity network consumers on the other hand. The main approach is regulatory and trajectory tracking control of the system with multiple objectives to conduct and direct the platform to achieve all its explicit and implicit objectives.
If the generation of the renewables with their intermittent nature surpasses the expected level, the surplus energy generated could be stored effectively based on the same energy valuation philosophy. The abundance of energy exposed temporarily lowers the energy price to a level that storing it with regards to any upcoming horizon and even by the lowest quality equipment (which entails more energy loss) would suddenly make sense to the system and it rapidly reacts by allowing more charging to absorb the surplus until the system balance gets restored.
The pricing system could lead to monetization of all the value generation efforts within the platform when a prosumer's battery performs time/location shifting, peak shaving, and off-peak filling,... under platforms conduct, the carried out actions are guaranteed to yield a certain profit relevant to the quantity of the value-added and generated. This is a major incentive for the platform citizens since this could cover the purchased equipment’s payable installments and becoming beneficial both for platform and users and the process could prove to be less costly in their view. By adopting more platform equipment either storage or generation devices (as far as the platform allows it based on the local specs) users contribute more to core value-generating scheme of it and gain more, also become environmentally aware and find themselves as proactive anti climate change movement activist from within the comfort of their homes.
We can think of EAPIX as a power aggregator on both distributed demand and supply sides. Which accumulated the power demands and supplies selectively in order to reach a calculated optimum point for its objectives. The multilayered architecture of the system gives it modularity, flexibility, and scalability. Basically the platform is designed to achieve high order goals as its main optimization objectives. Its first and foremost objective is to reduce GHG emissions due to the mixture of fossil fuel that is used in power generation which accounts for 25% of the total GHG emissions and plays a decisive role in climate change. The second objective is to reduce the energy cost for the consumers of any size.
EAPIX is a software platform as well, which exposes the internal API to the external applications that enable a different set of use cases. And in this sense, EAPIX would be a pioneering smart grid platform that provides a variety of APIs and applications built upon it.

Our Clients

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